Welcome from the Secretaries-General of Berlin International Model United Nations 2017

Honourable prospective Delegates, Chairpersons and Journalists, honourable friends,


In everything we do, we affect the lives of future generations. No generation ever in history will have such an enormous impact on the future. The problem we are dealing with however, is that we are used to thinking in the short term. Politicians are more likely to think within their political sphere and companies within marketspheres. We take all we have for granted and sometimes forget that the world is what we make of it. Therefore, we, the Secretariat General for BerlInMUN 2017, have decided to dedicate this edition of BerlInMUN to “Our Responsibilities for Future Generations”.


What if the next generations will not even be able to think in short terms? What if their only possibility is to think day by day? It is our responsibility to not only keep all groups and layers of society in mind, but also all generations that might inhabit this world in the future. Somewhere on the Berlin wall one can find the words: “he who wants to remain the world as it is doesn’t want it to remain it at all”. It is by making those changes and by staying aware of what we have that we can retain the world we are living in.


In every committee we chose, it will be vital to keep in mind future generations. Convention of Parties 23 is an extremely important body for decision-making involving the future climate. The Arctic Council requires a voice that keeps in mind the future of the arctic environment and those living in the areas. In order to enable future generations to continue to be able to profit from the benefits of the European Union, we need to keep them in mind during decision making in the European Council. For the safety of future generations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the International Court of Justice need to be particularly aware of future peace. We will also go back into the past with the Historical Security Council endeavouring to better the decisions of the past for the benefit for our present generation. And lastly let us not forget the BerlInMUN News Agency, which will report all the decisions made, for those in the future, interested in how we managed to deal with the problems of our times.


For BerlInMUN 2017, we want to raise your awareness for those generations who might not be able to fix the faults we make today. Those generations who would cry out for their attention if only they could. Those generations who might not even come to be, if we don’t take action now. Therefore, we want to ask you to utilise your moral capacity and keep in mind the long term aspects of all topics during the conference, and apply them during your decision-making.  


To end this welcome letter, we would like to reiterate that it is our utmost pleasure to be your Secretariat General for BerlInMUN 2017 and to welcome you to the sixth edition of Berlin International Model United Nations, which will take place from 13-18 August in Berlin, Germany. Together with our team, we will make BerlInMUN 2017 an amazing edition!


Emma Vermunicht, Secretary-General of BerlInMUN 2017

Lorcán Hyde, Deputy Secretary-General of BerlInMUN 2017