Advisory Board

Maria Haferkorn – Secretary-General 2012

In 2011, Maria had already decided to quit MUNs, “for real this time.” However, when BerlInMUN started taking shape in 2012, she could not resist (as so many MUN addicts cannot) and returned to what ended up being a very well organized, very emotional (truly last) 20th MUN in her life. As BerlInMUN’s first Secretary-General, she has since then proudly followed the conference and its development.

Despite having the typical Berliner’s pride in her hometown, Maria spent quite some time away from it during her childhood and study-years. Now, she’s not able to decide anymore whether Bulgaria, Vietnam, India, South Africa, Frankfurt (Oder) or Dresden is where she was happiest. In the end, however, all roads always lead back to Berlin. Now, she has graduated from Law, added an M.A. in International Relations and currently works in the Foreign Ministry of Germany.

Maria doesn’t know where life’s road will take her next. No matter where she will be, though – she will be happy to watch BerlInMUN continue and grow and tries to give advice whenever it might be needed.

Julia Uznanski – Head Organizer 2012

Polish blood, born and raised in Germany, studying English Law and German Law in London and Berlin: Utilising Polish passion and German precision, Julia founded, presided and organised the first ever BerlInMUN conference in 2012 as its first Head Organiser.

The first BerlInMUN having brought together 100 people from over 30 countries, Julia is proud to support the amazing BerlInMUN team in continuing bringing together people from all over the world to debate, discuss, have fun, understand each others‘ cultures and find solutions for current global problems.

Oskar de Felice – Head Organizer 2013

Oskar has perfected a combination of German perfectionism with Italian dolce far niente. He loves to have fun and joke around, but only if the required work done is spotless. He is very proud to be part of the BerlInMUN founding members and has served as the Conference Manager in the 2nd edition.

Due to his attachment to BerlInMUN and his law background he also experienced the conference from the Chairs‘ perspective in the unique simulation of the Nuremberg Trials. Oskar hopes to use his complete picture of BerlInMUN to strengthen the core identity of BerlInMUN as well as support new concepts this still young but promising conference will introduce.

Joseph Wilson – Head Organizer 2014

After being member of the Executive Committee from the first year on and being the head organizer of BerlInMUN’s 2014 edition, Joseph decided to take a step back, but continues to support the conference with his advice.

Joseph studies Political Science at the Free University of Berlin, where he tries to not finish his Bachelor’s Degree, remaining a thorn in the eye of University’s student registration office. He plays and teaches football in his freetime and occasionally happens to show up at different MUNs.

Having been raised in the city of Bremen, Germany, Joseph is some sort of a „Küstenkind“ in strong support of his hometown’s team SV Werder Bremen, „die Macht im Norden“ and to all people with knowledge and the eye for skills: Germany’s true best team.

Lisa Rogge – Member of the Organization Team 2012-2014

Lisa is a BerlInMUNer of the first moments; once she had been infected, her MUN addiction could not be cured!

Lisa ist eine Berlinerin by birth, even though her heart is spread around the world. Having had the chance to travel a lot and even spend a year in the sedate city of Newport, Michigan during High school, she fell in love with the world and its people. This is also what Lisa cherishes most about MUNs: bringing students  from various backgrounds together to exchange ideas, formally in the sessions and personally in coffee breaks.

“Next to” running around all day, trying to make the world a better place Lisa is studying at Humboldt University. What started out as Mathematics and Economics in 2011, left her with plain Economics now.