Executive Committee

Hannah Bergmann - Conference Manager

Primarily a student of history and social sciences at Humboldt-University in Berlin, Hannah loves to distract herself from studying by organising and taking part in MUN-conferences. MUNs have become a part of Hannah’s life when she first participated in BerlInMUN 2014 as a delegate. Since then, she has taken part in several conferences as a delegate and chair, as well as she has been part of the organising team of BerlInMUN since 2015.  Apart from MUNing, Hannah likes to spend her free time at music and film festivals, enjoys cooking and (surprise, surprise) loves to travel and meet people from all over the world. Hannah is excited to organize yet another conference and make BerlInMUN 2017 a great experience for many „old“ and new MUNers!

Luisa Krawczyk – Finances

Born and raised by a polish family in multicultural Berlin, Luisa early started to be interested in different cultures and languages. That's why she studied French, Spanish and Chinese at the European High School Bertha-von-Suttner. There she also had her first MUN experiences - first as an innocent housing team member in 2012 and then in 2015 as Chair of the Latin America and the Caribbean Committee. When hearing about BerlinMUN in April 2016, Luisa joined the wonderful team immediately.

Currently she studies economy in her bachelor at Humboldt University Berlin - though soon at ENSAE Paris - specialising in mathematics and statistics. When not at uni or traveling, Luisa likes to play tennis, do taekwondo and play the piano. In spite of never officially confessing it, she goes crazy when listening to latin pop and French rap or classics like Edith Piaf.

Menna Youssef - Logistics

Menna moved to Berlin back in 2014 to study Political Science and Publicity at Free University of Berlin. Back home she attended a few MUN conferences and found it interesting to join the organizing team to see how it all functions and of course meeting new cool people. 🙂 In the future, Menna plans on working in the NGO or International Relations field and she hopes through MUN she can get a deeper understanding of both fields. She loves traveling, reading, doing sports such as playing squash and tennis.  Menna is looking forward to the whole MUN experience with the excom and meeting the delegates and chairs, learning about different cultures and meeting new people.

Lucas Wendt - Public Relations

Since Berlin is not only the political and cultural center of Germany but also home to people from all over the world, it was soon clear to Lucas that this is where he wants to live for the next few years. Along with studying Communication Studies and Politics, he had the strong wish to work with other students on an international and meaningful project, so that’s basically why Lucas is now a part of the BerlInMUN ExCom team.

This is the first time he gets in touch with the MUN world and it’s an absolutely rewarding experience that motivates him to make his contribution to a memorable BerlInMUN conference. What’s most intriguing about his position as PR Manager is the fact that (perhaps) he is able to inspire liberal-minded people from different countries to participate in MUN projects.

Julia Majer - Public Relations

Julia’s first touchpoint with Model United Nations was during her bachelor studies of Psychology in Frankfurt a.M.. The idea of meeting people from all over the world and discussing important political topics that matter to all of us caught Julia from the start. One big point on her bucket list is to finally take part in a MUN-conference. When Julia moved to Berlin in October to start her master studies it was clear to her that she wants to become part of the BerlinMUN family. Berlin is the political capital of Germany and an incredibly diverse and unique city. Therefore definitely the perfect place to hold a conference! Julia is very happy to be part of the Public Relations Team and to work towards making the upcoming conference an unforgettable one for all of us.

Antonius A. Achtner - Fundraising

Charged with fundraising, Antonius joined our team in October 2016. Given that the only experience he has made with MUNing so far was at a conference he (not quite seriously) refers to as a "Model - Model UN", he is not exactly what you would call a MUN veteran - but he is eager to change that! Very fond of all things literature, history and (classical) music, he is also a passionate player of both violin and piano. It's probably this background that causes his conviction that sustainable diplomatic relations can only be created by creating cultural bonds between countries. He is studying law at Humboldt University.

Leo Schapiro - Fundraising

Leo grew up in an international (russian and german) environment in Berlin. He is studying economics at Humboldt University since 2015 and is looking forward to participate in an student exchange program with Yonsei University in Seoul Korea from Summer 2017.

Even though he is a new MUN’er he is very interested in debating and organizing, which is why he attended the BerlinMUN ExCom team.

Leo is a passionated piano player with preferences in heavy russian composers such as Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev (melting rn) and is also interested in arts, why Berlin is a wonderful place for him to live and enjoy.

David Mehling -  Recruitment

David was born and raised in Würzburg; he is not Bavarian though and he won’t stop pointing that out. After school he went to the University of Bamberg for his Bachelor and now moved to Berlin for his Master studies in History. David’s first contact with the MUN was the National Model United Nations in NYC of 2015. Since then it has grabbed him and did not let loose, and even increased his abnormal interest in Foreign Policy even more. He joint the ExCom in 2016 in order to help the conference being awesome.

His private interests are writing for a blog on history and foreign policy, he loves Krav Maga, Movies, Bars and the Soviet Union - nobody actually knows why, not even him.

Maximilian Hamestuk - Legal

Maximilian is currently studying law at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in his 5th semester specialising in civil and corporate law. Furthermore, he completed an internship at a corporate and tax law firm. Maximilian is fluent in English and has advanced knowledge in French.

Nikolas Schmidt -  IT Manager

Despite his escapades to provincial regions of Germany and metropolises of Central and Eastern Europe, Niko has always been a Berliner (and, no, that does not mean jelly donut). Starting in 2013, his MUN career has since included positions as delegate, delegation manager, conference manager, chairperson, editor-in-chief and Deputy Secretary-General at conferences in Germany, the United States, Poland, Serbia and Italy. He will not make the mistake of announcing retirement anytime soon, but he is lately devoting more time to his studies and you will likely only see him when the rest of the Ex-Com is out of their depth.