Conference 2019


BerlInMUN (Berlin International Model United Nations) is an English-speaking conference, during which the work of the United Nations is simulated. Every participant represents specific interests of one of the countries, and this representation has to be held as close to the real position of the given country as possible. The participants form typical UN institutions, like the Security Council or the Human Rights Council, and learn how these organs work as well as discuss international politics matters and prepare resolutions. This takes place on the one hand during formal debates, whose order is based on the rules of the UN and the UN-Charter, and on the other hand – during informal meetings, when the participants work on their projects and try to convince new people by networking and talking to them to support their ideas.


During the simulation the participants should get to know the mechanisms of work of the UN and become familiar with the diplomatic relations between the states in the context of international politics. In all the situations they should behave as diplomats of the states they represent and as a result develop far-reaching understanding towards foreign cultures.


The 2019 conference will take a  place in Berlin 5-9th of August 2019.