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Letter from our Editors-In-Chief:

You may be asking yourself, what is the BNA and why does it interest me? BNA stands for BerlInMUN News Agency, and we, the editors and journalists, will be your hub for everything BerlInMUN related.

Nothing influences politics and society as much as the perception of who the good and bad sides in a conflict are. In a globalised world the media has gained even more importance, what transpires in one country and the way this is covered by the media has significant influences on political processes in another country. Thus, in an era where proven facts are only one alternative for the assumption of reality every person has, the media is constantly under attack. Fake news spreads like wildfire through the mass audiences of social networks. Similarly, advances in Big Data collection and marketing have led to the ubiquitous “news bubble” – what was previously an active choice between your favourite news outlets turned into spoon-fed news feeds that don’t challenge political beliefs or orientation – in such an era it is more important than ever to actually look at what the media does and how it works.

Examining how the media shapes the reality of its consumers and how the style of writing and reporting changes in relation to the political spectrum and consequently influences the target group, is an essential job of young journalists today. The BerlInMUN News Agency will examine this year how, depending on political ideology, events are represented in different lights. In order to do so the BNA will vary its political orientation when reporting and showcase how different political ideologies influence both the consumers and producers of news.

For the BNA’s journalists this will be the ultimate challenge of their own political ideas. By taking a different narrative on current political issues, presenting arguments that might not mirror their own political beliefs and pouring all their creative energy into writing and creating a newspaper every day. Not to mention the challenge of producing content on a minimum of sleep and at maximum speed. – If this sounds just like your type of challenge, join us at the next edition of BerlInMUN!

Through your engagement, whether you like to take the center stage or rather think things over quietly, the BNA will be an outlet for your views as a delegate or chair and a source of everything you need to know, from gossip and events to draft resolutions and controversy! The BNA will provide you with articles, interviews with delegates, awards for special achievements, memes and music videos – all to get you truly into the BerlInMUN state of mind.




The Editors-in-Chief will be Aurora Hamm and Tom Annecke. See the whole secretariat here.


Guide for the Press Team:

The Guide can be found among the Study Guides for BerlInMUN 2017 at our Resource Centre.