BerlInMUN News Agency

Dear prospective journalists,

Are you new to MUN and would like to know how it works? Or have you been a delegate a few times and would like to try something different – something new? Do you believe in the power of the written word?

We would like to introduce you to the Media Team of BerlInMUN 2019: the BerlInMun News Agency (BNA). We will be working efficiently and tirelessly, diving into investigative (but always fun!) journalism. You will have the possibility to write serious and slightly less serious articles about the Councils in the conference and their topics.

You will also spread gossip and keep the whole conference updated via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Are two opposing countries in cahoots? Are there elaborate plots brewing? Are international relations being improved? Are your Editors-in-Chief extremely intelligent and talented? (Yes, yes, yes, and most definitely yes.)

Being part of the media gives you the chance to see the bigger picture of BerlInMUN, to serve as the binding force between all committees, to exercise your creativity (be it in the form of articles, tweets, or memes), and to enjoy the conference in a different and quite influential way. Your words will impact the course of the debates, signal a problem that still needs to be solved, or simply bring a smile to a tired delegate’s face. Never forget that the press is the Fourth Power, and can take down governments and ignite revolutions

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be experienced with everything – you will only need a laptop (or tablet) and interest in working in media. Enthusiasm will be rewarded in the form of cookies. We’re not kidding, there will always be cookies in the media room.

Here is some more encouragement in the form of quotes, if you’re one of those people:

“A wise man once said you should try media at least once in your MUN career.” – A wise man.

“The pen is mightier than the sword.” -The unknown person who was not adept at wielding swords.

“This will be the best MUN Newspaper the MUN world has ever seen” – One of the Editors, being modest.

“Don’t be shy – just apply” – Almost every MUN Website.