Secretariat 2018

Aurora Hamm –  Secretary-General

Having grown up in Turkey and Germany, Aurora has come in contact with international relations from a very early age and it has been her passion ever since. Whilst officially still finishing her Bachelor in Politics, Sociology, and History in Bonn, she currently lives in the sunny south of France. MUNing has had a special place in her heart and life for years and she has filled almost every role from a delegate, journalist, chair, editor and conference manager. MUNing combines all of her passions: traveling, discussing (including but not limited to international politics), writing and socials with new and old friends. When not MUNing she can usually be found exploring museums, reading a book (preferably somewhere by the sea) or laughing with or at her friends. Aurora is absolutely thrilled to go back to Berlin in August to serve as Deputy Secretary General at this year’s BerlInMUN and cannot wait to make it an amazing conference for both experiences MUNers as well as newbies!


 Lars Stollenwerk – Deputy Secretary-General

Born and bred in Antwerp, Lars studied history and European politics in Leuven. A long time and lots of conferences ago, Lars got to know the concept of MUNing in this beautiful city. As someone who is passionate about proving people wrong and delving deeply into complicated topics, it was love at first sight. While no longer a student, BerlinMUN still has a special place in his heart. As such, when he was asked to step up Lars couldn’t say no. Consultant by day, devil´s advocate, lover of good beers, football and squash by night, Lars also enjoy bad jokes and long conversations, preferably by the campfire. During the conference, Lars will ensure that resolutions are written correctly as, besides the people, they are what he most enjoys about MUNing. He looks forward to meeting old and new friends and to create lots of memories of what will undoubtedly be a great conference.


Lena Stránská – African Union: Peace and Security Council (AU PSC)

Lena is a PhD candidate in European Studies at Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic who loves to escape research, lectures, and libraries for passionate debating and socializing every once in a while. In her research, she specializes in European Union´s relationship with Sub-Saharan Africa, but is also interested in the EU in general, in international security, conflicts and international organizations. When her nose isn´t stuck in a political science book, she likes reading fiction, doing yoga, traveling, learning foreign languages, jogging, and coloring, preferably all in one. When a do-nothing evening is in her diary, watching a superheroes movie, a TV series or a football game and enjoying a glass of wine or Czech beer are her most likely choices. If you´re not coming to BerlInMUN for the first time, chances are you´ve already seen Lena wandering around, either as a delegate or as a chair. Besides BerlInMUN, Lena has also been to several other conferences around her second homeland, Germany.


Franz Lentner – African Union: Peace and Security Council (AU PSC)

 Franz is currently studying economics in his hometown Bonn. Growing up in this beautiful city, known as Germany’s UN-headquarter, the United Nations was quite early present in his life. To enhance his UN experience he joined BIMUN/SINUB in 2015 and attended its Conference in the same year. From the first moment he was amazed by the international spirit and since then took part in many more conferences. One of them was very special to him and hence he is thrilled to attend BerlInMUN for the third time and chair the African Unione Peace and Security Council. When Franz is not committed to his MUN-life, he enjoys meeting friends, traveling and hopping through various bars. A bit more special interests of him are his love for tea or his habit to demonize pineapple whenever he can.

He is sure that BerlInMUN 2018 will be a great conference and he is very excited to meet you in August.


Tiziana Antonietti – European Council 

Tiziana’s desire to pursue International Relations and Political Sciences
Studies stem from an early exposure to foreign cultures, as she has been
able to live in 5 countries on 3 different continents. She has thus had the
opportunity to become both a polyglot and a nomad, always on the go and
curious to get to know more about the world.
Having discovered MUN during high school, she has ever since been able to build on her experience as a delegate, chair, Secretary General of her MUN association in France and was able to chair weekly sessions during which
she has been giving on her passion for debate and diplomacy.

When she isn’t preparing weekly debates or conferences, you can be sure to
find Tiziana cooking Risotto and drinking wine with friends or planning her
next travels.


Sebastian Pape – European Council 

 Being born and raised in Potsdam, Sebastian is a local from the Berlin area. After his Bachelor in Economics, he enrolled in a Master of European Studies at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), where he is currently studying and living.

Already in High School, he participated in Model European Parliament simulations before he joined his first MUN as a student in 2011 in Bremen. Since then he has taken part in several conferences in Germany and Poland, both as a delegate and as a chairperson. In 2016 he served as Secretary-General to KrakMUN in Kraków, Poland.

Since he entered the Viadrina, Sebastian has been a member of ViaMUN, the MUN Society of Frankfurt (Oder), where he also served as Financial Officer for two years. Besides his studies, he is active in university politics and societies. In his private life he is passionate about football, photography, whiskey and alpacas.


Corentin Larmoire Roussel – North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Corentin Larmoire—Roussel is a French student in Law and Common Law in the University of Tours. Whenever he is not in class you can find him with his MUN organization debating about all the issues of the world in any local pub. Taking part in ten MUNs as a delegate and a SecGen he developed a really common disease called “MUN addiction” for the past 4 years. He is currently enjoying a 6-month gap from Uni in Spain in order to practice more his Spanish language, enjoy some tapas and trying to understand the Catalan Independence movement.

Chairing for the first time he made a promise to make you feel at home with us in NATO where we will surely enjoy fruitful debates and make amazing encounters.

Borja Pampillón – North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

 Borja is studying last year of Bachelor and Business Administration and Marketing in Camilo José Cela University (Madrid). He participated in several MUNs both as a delegate and as a chair. The thing he enjoys the most about MUNing outside Spain is meeting new people and new ways of organizing and doing MUNs and different simulations. He is especially interested in negotiation, strategy and conflict resolution, both regarding private business and international affairs.

Outside MUNs he likes video games, long walks in Madrid and going out with his friends and he’s very passionate about cars, beer, and his cats. He is looking forward to meeting everybody in August in NATO in BerlinMUN.



Hanna Sokolska – International Tribunal for the Law of the Seas (ITLOS)

Hanna is a student of the Collegium of Interfaculty Individual Studies at the University of Warsaw currently taking courses in Law, Philosophy, and Politics as well as a member of Foreign Affairs Society at the Warsaw
School of Economics. Having started MUNs in her freshmen year of high school, she had since taken part in over twenty conferences all around Europe.

For her, MUNs are about familiarising oneself with different cultures, which perfectly fits in with her cross-cultural interests – she is particularly fond of Italian cinema, French philosophy, Polish poetry and most importantly ‘Russian’ champagne.



Charlotte Verhamme – International Tribunal for the Law of the Seas (ITLOS)

Charlotte is a fifth-year Law student at the Katholieke Univerity of Leuven (Belgium). Although discovering MUN’s quite late, she fell in love. She has attended several MUN conferences in the past years and started to perceive MUN as an important part of her life. Now being an official member of KULMUN the love for MUN’s has only grown.  As an almost law graduate in international and European law, she feels that chairing ITLOS would be an amazing chance to combine MUN with and legal knowledge.

When not attending MUNs, Charlotte likes running, tennis, reading, getting drinks with friends and telling facts that nobody really cares about. She also likes to travel and meet new people. As a Chair for the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, she is looking to make it an amazing experience for you!


Erik Buhmann –  Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)

 Erik is pursuing his master’s degree in physics at the University of Hamburg and started his Model UN career in 2013 in the North American Model UN circuit. After attending several General Assembly committees, he specialized in chairing and in dynamic crisis scenarios.

Erik helped to organize SSICsim 2014 in Toronto and is involved with HamMUN in Hamburg since 2015, where he has served as Secretary-General last year. Apart from specializing in particle physics, he is passionate about nuclear disarmament and is involved with the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN).



Chiara Schmitz – Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)

 Chiara grew up in a small town in Western Germany and is a third-year law student at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg with a specialization of European and International public law. While she has lived in the US for a year as a high school student, she is currently on Erasmus in Lyon where she is learning French and takes classes in law as well as in international politics. BerlInMUN 2016 was her magical first conference and infected her immediately with the MUN virus. Since then she has attended various conferences throughout Europe as a delegate, judge and chair, so she is extremely happy and excited to come back to BerlInMUN for her 8th conference. Besides pretending to be a lawyer or a diplomat, she loves 70s music, spontaneous trips to unknown places, goats, and everything astronomy and space-related.


Jaqueline Wendel – United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

 Jaqueline is a 19-year old student of political sciences and psychology at the University of Bonn. She discovered MUNs four years ago at high school and has been hooked ever since. This is why she signed up for the BIMUN/SINUB conference in 2016 as soon as she was enrolled at the university and became part of the Executive Board just a few months later. She loves how MUNs give you an opportunity to meet old and new friends and discuss politics with them. After being a delegate in BerlInMUN last year she is now excited to return as chair of the Security Council. Besides MUNs she likes to read, cook and bake and spend time with her friends.

In her opinion, August cannot come fast enough and she is very much looking forward to meeting all the participants of BerlInMUN 2018, having heated debates and partying all night long.



Mathieu Anderson –  United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

Mathieu Alderson is a Belgian Political Sciences student, who grew up in and around Brussels although he has majorly spent the last four years at the Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven. This was also marked by a semester of absence (read ‘Erasmus’) at the Universitet Lund in Sweden, of equal quality and fun. Mathieu’s MUN career is closely connected to the KULMUN association of which he has been a devoted member since his first year at university. This ‘adventure’ has been comprised of participating in 10+ conferences around Europe and various roles in the organization, most recently that of Conference Manager of KULMUN 2018 last March. It will be his first participation at BerlinMUN, which he could not previously attend due to overlapping schedules, he is, therefore, more than excited to finally set foot in Germany’s capital. Let’s see what this year’s edition has got in store for all of us!


Katharina Keuken –  The BerlInMUN News Agency (BNA)

Katharina has been active in Model United Nations since 2015. At her first week at the University, she got to know the local association (the HamMUN) where the members come together once a week to discuss all kind of topics and have a conference of their own once a year.

Katharina is coming back to Berlin where she already participated once as a delegate and once as a journalist. To be honest – she actually applied for her first conference because some students can achieve a certificate in foreign languages at her university for attending. Before the conference, she was certain that this would be her one and only conference. However, it was not only the certificate but also a lot of fun, great experiences and even new friendships – so she has not stopped until today.

When not MUNing Katharina studies law in her sixth semester in Hamburg. In her free time, she loves to read a lot of fantasy, forces herself to the gym and likes to walk the dog by a lake or in a forest nearby.

Ana Victoria Martín Corral –  The BerlInMUN News Agency (BNA)

 Ana is a 5th-year medical student from Salamanca, Spain, who got severely addicted to MUNing through her home conference MUNUSAL.
Almost two years ago, a younger and bright-eyed Ana was filling out the delegate application form for BerlInMUN when her mouse hovered over one of the committee choices: the BerlInMUN News Agency (BNA). While not a regular committee, the promise of witty writings, MUN puns, and gossips galore led her to become a journalist for the first time.
Ten conferences later, she is ecstatic to be back in Berlin as Editor-in-(Mis)Chief of the BNA.
Ana adores chocolate ice-cream and beautiful buildings, which may have influenced her decision to spend the past year doing Erasmus in Florence. She is determined to spread Spanish fiesta music wherever she goes and has memorized a staggering number of song lyrics. A self-appointed optimist, she always sees the glass half full (of beer, usually).