Emma Vermunicht – Secretary-General

Somewhere in the year 2015 in a city called Berlin, Emma Vermunicht realised why simulating bodies of international organisations was such a passion for her. It wasn’t the Putin or the Kim Jong-Un impersonations, but rather the cooperation, the exchange of ideas and the designing of ambitious solutions to intricate problems that made the whole simulation so appealing to her. As soon as Emma learned that it wasn’t about being the best actor but more about coming up with innovative ideas and working together to push through those ideas, she realised that she would not be able to leave the MUN world. This year, she’s taking it one step further. For BerlInMUN 2017, it will be her honour and privilege to work with you as Secretary General, not only to make this conference an unforgettable experience, but also to give a true impact to what will be debated in the different committees, not just in the minds of the delegates around the table, but maybe one day in the form of an actual UN Resolution.

Besides thinking about creating better worlds, Emma puts her brain at work as a political science student at the KU Leuven in Belgium. Although she studies and lives in Belgium, she calls herself more of a world citizen. The past year, she has spent most of her time in Paris and The Hague, collecting new experiences and adventures. Meeting and getting to know all the international people she knows, has been one of the greatest gifts of her life.

Emma likes to keep herself busy with all sort of things, from discovering new places, meeting litterally everyone to reading inspirational books. Moreover, she is passionated about organising MUNs, both as part of the Secretariat as in the Excom Team: this conference will be her first one as Secretary-General, though. Nevertheless she relishes the challenge, and along with her team, she is looking forward to meet you in August for the conference that you will not want to miss: BerlInMUN 2017.


Lorcán Hyde – Deputy Secretary-General

Lorcán Hyde hails from an Irish-German family and was brought up in Munich, the beautiful capital of Bavaria. Lorcán’s first MUN experience was right after he graduated from grammar school at the second ever BerlInMUN conference in 2013. It turned out to be one of the most defining academic experiences for him. Many MUN conferences followed, including two following editions of BerlInMUN. This close and personal connection to the conference makes him even prouder to have been given the opportunity to serve as Deputy-Secretary General at BerlInMUN 2017. Aside from the MUN-world, Lorcán is a 4th year law student, now studying at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in his hometown Munich, after a two year spell at the University of Freiburg. He specialises in International law and the law of the European Union and has participated in a number of moot courts and mock trials, including the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court. In his spare time, Lorcán enjoys lengthy discussions about literature and football (sometimes at the same time), drinking lots of tea and coffee and playing Gaelic (Irish) Sports. Lorcán is looking forward to an exciting conference and is determined to make this year’s edition live up to the academic brilliance as well as the fantastic social aspect that has made the previous editions so special to him and many other MUNers.



Lena Stránská – Chair of the Historical Security Council

Lena is a soon to be Master´s graduate in European Studies and International Relations from the Palacký University in Olomouc in the Czech Republic. To her most favourite research topics belong African politics and Africa in general, external relations of the European Union and the work of international organisations. Besides the Czech Republic, she also spent a year studying in Germany, at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena. When she doesn´t study, you will most probably find her trying to learn another foreign language or reading. She also likes to go jogging or do yoga. She is the happiest, when she can combine this all with her great passion – travelling. If she really wants to switch off, there is a high chance you will find her watching a game of football and drinking some good beer. In the past, you could have met her at several MUNs in Europe, where she participated both as a delegate and a chair. This will be her third participation at BerlinMUN and besides that she has also been twice to elbMUN in Dresden or WorldMUN in Rome last March.



Konstantina Nathanael – Chair of the Historical Security Council

Konstantina is a 19-year-old MUNer, born and raised in Greece, currently studying Law at Humboldt University of Berlin and Economics at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Aside from MUN, she is very passionate about volunteering and competitive debating.

Her interest in international relations and diplomacy goes back to an internal Security Council simulation at the international German School she was attending. This would turn out to shape her entire high school experience: Between class tests and Power Point presentations, she managed to participate to as many as 15 MUN conferences, where she met incredible people and gathered irreplaceable experiences, thereby redefining her goals and limits, and discovering a different aspect of herself, purposeful, responsible and full of passion, determination and enthusiasm. This was why, after participating as a delegate and having had the support, guidance and encouragement of brilliant and talented Chairs, she wishes to offer everything she can from the position of a Chairperson and considers it would be her honor and responsibility to transmit her passion and knowledge to the participants of BerlInMUN 2017!


Lena and Konstantina will be the Chairpersons of the Historical Security Council. For more infos about their council, click here.

Alfonso José Salgado Cabrera – Chair of the European Council

Alfonso is a Spanish Law and Business graduate from Pontificia Comillas University in Madrid. He is currently studying a Master’s Degree in International Business. Born and raised in a small sailors’ town called Rota, he moved to the Spanish Capital seven years ago to pursue his studies.

Alfonso has always been interested in international affairs. His first MUN-like experience was the Model European Parliament (MEP), when he was 17 years old, in which he participated several times. He considers MEP to be his Alma Mater when it comes to international conferences but has great love for MUNs. During his life, he has been part of many projects related to international discussion and public speaking such as Debate Tournaments and MUNs. He has also done some musical theatre as actor, artistic director and scriptwriter.

Alfonso is very excited to meet everyone in BerlinMUN 2017 and make the most of a conference that will surely be the best experience ever!



Franz Lentner – Chair of the European Council

Franz is currently studying economics in his hometown Bonn. Growing up in this beautiful city, known as Germany’s UN-headquarter, the United Nations were early present in his life. To enhance his UN experience he joined BIMUN in 2015 and attended their Model UN. From the first moment he was amazed by the international spirit and since then took part in many more conferences. Furthermore, he helped to organize the 15th Edition of BIMUN as a member of the Executive Board.

After being a delegate in the successful BerlinMUN last year, it is now time for him to swap seats and he wishes to contribute to an amazing conference. His motivation to chair is grounded in his strong interest to motivate young students to continue the spirit of MUNing, which is in his opinion cooperation, tolerance and friendship. Besides meeting friends and discussing important topics, he attends MUNs, because it gives him the opportunity to wear fancy socks, ties and party like there is no tomorrow.


Alfonso and Franz will be the Chairpersons of the European Council. For more infos about their council, click here.

Nghia Mai – Chair of the COP 23

Nghia Mai is an MA (Hons) History student, who will be in his fourth (and final) year at the University of Edinburgh. Originally from Viet Nam, he has spent the last three years living and studying in Scotland, surviving not one but two historical referenda including the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum and BREXIT (will leave it at that), to solidify his position as a witness of history. Model UN has formed a significant part of his academic life throughout high school and university, both as a delegate and chair at various conferences in the UK and Asia while developing a love for creative acronyms and establishing bakeries in Cabinet Crises. Last summer, he also had the opportunity to chair at the first ever conference to be held in his home city of Ho Chi Minh in Viet Nam, which was a major success in developing Model UN in his part of the world. MUN-ing aside, he enjoys playing sports, particularly rugby and is also an up and coming stand-up comedian (feel free to ask him for jokes or life philosophy at any point during the conference). He looks forward to working with the delegates throughout the conference while discovering more of Berlin and the finest of German culture.


Christian Richter – Chair of the COP 23

Christian Richter, grown up in Bonn, once Germany’s capital and nowadays United Nations city, started his MUN career in 2015 when he joined the KU Leuven Model United Nations society KULMUN during his Erasmus semester in the beautiful city of Leuven, Belgium. Since then he has attended several conferences, including last years’ amazing edition of BerlInMUN, and MUNs have become a major part of his academic life.  Since February 2017 Christian is member of BIMUN/SINUB (Bonn International Model United Nations) where he is part of the Executive Committee 2017/18 responsible for Finances.  At BerlInMUN 2017 he has the pleasure to chair the 23nd Conference of the Parties (COP23) to the UN Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), anticipating the actual conference taking place in Bonn in November 2017.

Besides MUNing Christian is a first year Master student of Economics at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn.  He loves interdisciplinary debates about issues in Economics, Politics, History and Philosophy.  As counterpart to his academic interests he serves as a member of the volunteer fire brigade Bonn in his remaining spare-time.

Christian is looking forward to meet many new and old friends in Berlin. He hopes to have great debates, an awesome intercultural experience and amazing socials!


Nghia and Christian will be the Chairpersons of the COP 23 – Sustainable Innovation Forum 2017 of the UNFCCC Parties. For more infos about their council, click here.

Carmen Hernández González – Chair of the International Court of Justice

Carmen is a second-year law student at the University of Salamanca (Spain).

Once upon a time little Carmen met MUNUSAL, her home conference, and fell in love. Although many years have passed, they still have a passionate romance, and she has been the President of MUNUSAL 2017.

When Carmen is, surprisingly, not doing MUN related activities, you might find her reading, eating tapas or trying to remember a German vocabulary list (often without much success). She likes cheese and learning how law, life and love work in other countries.

Carmen has had the pleasure of attending two wonderful BerlInMUN editions. She is particularly excited about BerlInMUN 2017, since it will be her first serious chairing experience. Lastly, she is looking forward to chairing the ICJ because…who doesn’t love International Law?


Amelia Nichols – Chair of the International Court of Justice

Amelia is in her fourth year of a combined Bachelor of International and Global Studies and Bachelor of Laws at the University of Sydney. She spent a semester studying at the political science institute at Ludwig-Maximilians Universität in München in 2016, so not only did she pick up a little German, but her default team is now FC Bayern.

Apart from a love of international law, Amelia also enjoys time at the beach and a good mojito.

She has been a member of the MUN community since 2013, and it has taken her as a delegate from Sydney to Perth and a few places in between. She chaired for the first time at JOINMUN in Indonesia last year and cannot wait to do it again for the ICJ at BerlInMUN 2017.




Carmen and Amelia will be the Chairpersons of the International Court of Justice. For more infos about the court, click here.

Daniel Kirchhof – Chair of the Arctic Council

Born and raised in Berlin Daniel currently pursues his Master Degree in European Studies. Studying vis-à-vis to the German-Polish border he focuses on European Foreign Politics, European Integration and Transformation Processes in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. After interim studies of Classy Philology and Roman Studies he holds a Bachelor Degree in History, Political Science and Sociology issued by the Humboldt University. Knowing the real diplomatic parquet by internships at the German Embassies in Copenhagen and Rome, in the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as in an international acting PR and Public Diplomacy agency he caught his MUN flame in 2014 participating in his first BerlInMUN conference. Having lived in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Rome and Saint Petersburg he is highly interested in languages and different countries, specifically Slavic ones. As he considers Berlin and Belgrade his home conference venues he cannot wait for his third BerlInMUN and his seventh chairing experience in the place where it all began. Chairing the Arctic Council dealing with issues of the international states community’s security and potential tensions within this sensitive geopolitical hotspot attracts him very much as he believes that “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”.


Dimitrij Kwascha – Chair of the Arctic Council

Dimitrij is currently living in Berlin and works for startups, the university as well as politics and studies Business, Economics and Politics in Berlin, Paris and California. He is interested in tech, strategy and international relations. Besides that he loves sports, music, arts and literature. As studying itself did not fulfill the role of becoming a future leader and diplomat his MUN career startet back in 2014 in Maastricht, after which he went to Paris, Cambridge, Berlin, Berkeley, Los Angeles, and further small conferences being a designated delegate as well as chairing person. Skills in diplomacy, negotiation as well as knowledge and making cooperative agreements became heart of MUN
experiences. Learning for life and every career after school was something which makes him go on and continues his MUN path. BerlInMUN became like a home conference that is why is excited to get to know your solutions for the Arctic Council and will make sure you will have a great delegate experience at this years conference.


Daniel and Dimitrij will be the Chairpersons of the Arctic Council. For more infos about their council, click here.


Migle Andrunaviciute – Chair of the North Atlantic Council

Migle is a first year Business and Political Science student at Trinity College Dublin. Originally from Lithuania, she has spent the past fifteen years of her life growing up in Dublin,

Migle has been taking in Model UN since the age of 16 and has participated in 25 conferences to date as a delegate, chairperson and member of the secretariat to date both across Ireland and in an international setting. When she isn’t too busy pretending to be a diplomat or plotting world domination- Migle loves travelling, writing and photography and occasionally acts as a freelance model. She also speaks five languages and often documents her overseas adventures through her personal blog.

Migle is thrilled to be given to opportunity to chair the NATO at this year’s edition of BerlInMUN, and is looking forward to meeting everyone in August!



Daryl Tiglao – Chair of the North Atlantic Council

A long time participant in Model UN conferences Daryl Tiglao calls Edinburgh, Scotland, his home. Taking one whole year to decide what societies to settle down in at his university (and forgetting his home conference that year to boot!), Daryl Tiglao set out on his journey into Model UN. From small steps in St Andrews, unaware he was to write a position paper; to Durham, where he was North Korea in HRC; to Cork, where he won his first award in a Crisis committee as the IRA spymaster, he slowly picked up his stride.

His momentum kept going as he jumped from British to European MUNs on Erasmus, to sunny Berlin last summer in BerlInMUN – where he pretended that he voted to leave the EU….while representing….the EU; which left many scratching their heads in confusion.

While he’s not pretending to be a delegate, Daryl is finishing up his studies in law at the University of Edinburgh, hoping for divine intervention and with what spare time he has he spends looking up recent trends in foreign and security affairs; or playing what video games takes his fancy at the moment.

Having had done 14 conferences and will have chaired one conference by the time he reaches Berlin, Daryl Tiglao hopes that he can do his part in making this year’s BerlInMUN just as good, if not better, than the conference he went to the year prior.

Migle and Daryl will be the Chairpersons of the North Atlantic Council. For more infos about their council, click here.


Aurora Hamm – Editor-in-Chief of the BerlInMUN News Agency (BNA)

Aurora is a third year BA student of History and Politics in the beautiful former capital of Germany, Bonn. Having grown up in both Germany and Turkey she enjoyed an upbringing that has led her to appreciate internationalism and consequently MUNing. MUNing has been a big part of her life for the last one and a half years, having been delegate, chair, journalist as well as conference manager. In MUNing she is able to combine all her passions, the academic excellence of debates, most often about politics but always also about history, the urge to travel and joy of experiencing new cities, the excitement of meeting new people and the bliss of making new friends. When one does not find her MUNing, volunteering or seeking the next adventure, one will find her in a comfortable chair with a glass of white wine reading classical or contemporary literature (preferably somewhere by the sea). She hopes to inspire the journalists to realize the power that lies in the written word and the representation of events in a certain way, as well as the importance to realise this ambivalence, particularly in this age.


Tom Annecke – Editor-in-Chief of the BerlInMUN News Agency (BNA)

Tom Annecke left his hometown London to live in Berlin two years ago. Since then he has learnt German and finally come to grips with studying Physics in German, oy vey! He is looking forward to the new MUN experience, has lots of ideas for the BNA and is committed to making a positive lasting impression. He’s a great team player, and also looks forward to collaborating with the other journalists to provide a most informative and engaging BerlInMUN, free from alternative facts.

Tom spends a lot of time consuming news and writing articles for his blog, as well as encouraging his friends to express themselves through their very own articles. As an Englishman, it seems one’s destiny to both love drinking tea and remain a monoglot, but Tom is proud to have bucked this particular trend of Englishness, and hopes one day to become trilingual. Although admittedly he does like a good cup of tea!

BerlinMUN offers all of us an opportunity to engage in heated topical debate, explore our creativity and have a laugh at the same time. Henry also sees the significance of MUNs in the wider picture, engaging international students in political debate is the first step in forming our world into one of equality. It is with these things in mind, with which the joint Editor-in-Chief hopes to set the tone for an unforgettable BerlInMUN!

For more infos about the BerlInMUN News Agency, click here.

Crisis Team

Felix Johnston-Brunn – Crisis Director

Felix Johnston-Brunn is a 21-year old Politics and International Relations student studying at the University of Reading. He is also half Australian and is looking to study Intelligence and International Security at King’s College London next year. Felix’s MUN career began in 2016 when he attended KULMUN 2016 and since then he has been involved in participating in MUN conferences in Wales, Belgium, England, and Germany. Over the last year his focus has increasingly been on working ‘behind the scenes’ at a number of crisis simulations, including the first-ever Tübingen International Crisis Simulation- which is also where he spent his Erasmus. Back in the UK, Felix also helped to organised a one-day joint cabinet crisis at the University of Reading based around the recent peace negotiations between FARC and the Colombian government. Berlin continues to be one of Felix’s favourite cities and he is thoroughly looking forward to heading back there! Outside of MUN, Felix enjoys discussing international affairs, driving lots of beer (as those who attended KULMUN 17 will know), and trying to learn German. This will be Felix’s first BerlInMUN and he is proud to be serving along side such an amazing and well-qualified secretariat this year.