Secretariat 2018

Marcus Dörfel – Secretary General

Born in Zwickau (Germany), Marcus Dörfel has been active in Model United Nations since 2012. When not at a conference, he can either be found at Chemnitz University of Technology, where he is studying European Studies, with his major on Eastern Europe and international politics. His MUN career led him through Germany, Turkey and the United States, focussing mostly on disarmament, defence and security. He has served as Secretary-General multiple times before and will try his very best to make BerlInMUN a memorable experience.

In the time between conferences he enjoys hiking, travelling to Scandinavia, collecting books and working with UNYAnet Germany, where he served as head of the international department, the MUN department and chairmen of the organization.


Aurora Hamm – Deputy Secretary General

Having grown up in Turkey and Germany, Aurora has come in contact with international relations from a very early age and it has been her passion ever since. Whilst officially still finishing her Bachelor in Politics, Sociology and History in Bonn, she currently lives in the sunny south of France. MUNing has had a special place in her heart and life for years and she has filled almost ever role from delegate, journalist, chair, editor and conference manager. MUNing combines all of her passions: travelling, discussing (including but not limited to international politics), writing and socials with new and old friends. When not MUNing she can usually be found exploring museums, reading a book (preferably somewhere by the sea) or laughing with or at her friends. Aurora is absolutely thrilled to go back to Berlin in August to serve as Deputy Secretary General at this year’s BerlInMUN and cannot wait to make it an amazing conference for both experiences MUNers as well as newbies!



This information will be known soon. Our team is currently working on progress to make the 7th Edition of BerlinMUN 2018 unforgettable.