Secretariat 2019

Secretary General Corentin Larmoire Roussel

Corentin was born and raised in France, between Normandy and the Center of France. Having chosen a bachelor in French, Spanish and Common Law he discovered the world of MUNs in 2014 when he joined MUNTO, the organization of the University of Tours. His passion for international relations started very early on, he remembers listening to debates about the intervention in Iraq in 2003 and thinking the world was way too complicated.
After delegating in several committees across Europe, chairing and being an ExCom member, Corentin believes MUN is a real opportunity to learn about the UN, the great stakes of the modern world but also to meet friends for life.
While being really thankful to be given the opportunity to be Secretary General at BerlinMUN2019, he intends to make this conference as memorable as the ones he experienced himself
It is Corentin personal belief that whether by train or by plane, MUNs will always welcome you home.


Deputy Secretary General Lena Stránská

Lena belongs to those people who think that having a full-time job in an international organization and trying to gain a PhD in European studies isn´t really time consuming enough. Therefore, she invests her almost non-existent free time (and holidays) into her hobbies and passions, on the top of which stand MUNs, BerlInMUN in particular (she will be returning for the fifth edition in total). Besides her endless love for the world of international diplomacy and politics, she enjoys her predominantly introvert hobbies – jogging, yoga, reading, learning foreign languages and board games – and follows the moto that friends are the family we choose for ourselves.